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Whitesboro Technology
Whitesboro Technology
Whitesboro Technology



In support of the Whitesboro Technology mission: Our mission is to provide a quality education so that students may reach their full academic and social potential.

The long range technology plan vision: The mission of the Whitesboro Independent School District technology program is to create, maintain, and perpetuate an environment in which students, teachers, administrators and the community use technology as a tool for learning.  Students need to be able to locate and manage resources for problem solving, work cooperatively on a team, read for information and application, calculate and measure for information and application, and communicate verbally and in writing.  Technology is a tool for accomplishing these student needs.

To realize this vision: Technology will be pervasive in every instructional setting and integrated throughout the curriculum.
Adequate support will be provided to teachers and staff.
Teachers and staff will be adequately prepared to use the tools of technology to improve the teaching and learning process.
Teachers and students will be provided with current technologies that make learning interesting, motivating and relevant.

The following components are essential to the effective implementation of the Whitesboro long range technology plan:

Curriculum Integration (teaching and learning)
Educator Preparation and Development
Administrative and Support Services
Infrastructure for Technology
Community Involvement


Technology Help Request

 If you need any help with a technology issue please email with a full description of your issue to your campus technician with a detailed description of your issue.


Technology Director

Michael Peterson

High School and Middle School Lead Technician


Aaron Shelton


Intermediate and Hayes Primary Technician

Amanda Royal


Administrative Assistant for Technology and Innovation

Sandra Lloyd